Window Art by Horizon Group USA

Window Art by Horizon Group USA

Product description :

Unleash your creativity and transform your windows into works of art with the Made By Me Window Art activity kit! With 12 sun catcher shapes, 8 vibrant window paints and an acetate sheet to create personalized window clings, this kit makes for the perfect rainy-day craft or group activity. When you’re finished painting sun catchers, trace the illustrations from the included design booklet onto the acetate sheet, or create your own unique designs. Display your colorful suncatcher creations using the included cording and mini suction cups which attach to windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. The Made By Me Window Art kit is a great gift for crafters ages 6 years and up!

Your kids will love Suncatchers. They will have a good time working and be happy with their work. The product is only 12 SunCatchers. Only after suncatchers have completed and cleaned there is a small sheet of acetate that you can use to create the art of peeling and stick. The acetate plate is just big enough to complete peeling and stick, so there are still only 14 projects to be completed. Had this project been for more children, I would have been totally disappointed because there wouldn’t be enough candy lovers. Don’t rely on using it in a classroom or birthday party as there will be some frustrated kids. You will enjoy this product if that is what you expect.

If you also have a child, you will enjoy working on different tires. Some holes are small and can be filled easily. They are actually very tolerant when children fill tires. As an adult, it looked better to me when it was wet but the more messy kids actually looked brighter and had more color when drying them. At first glance, the pink tube looks like a light pink color but don’t judge it early, the gloss will appear when drying. I wish they had larger tubes of green and orange. Kids naturally love the brighter and more used colors.

If you don’t want to work on suncatchers or use them all, it’s surprising how simple it is to create more styles with clear sheets and templates. Use black glue, paint a shape, and let it dry. Your child can fill it up and once it dries, you can peel and stick it on a window like a poster.Good price because it goes a long way. It is fun for both supervision and the child!

You can give it to a friend on his birthday. Enjoy your daughter and have a lot of fun. The only thing I wished for was better control of the small squeeze pens. The consistency of some paint colors was different, so green and orange (for me) came out of the tube in a small batch and it was difficult to fill in small spots like the word “peace” that disappeared in the paint. Overall, still not bad for the price, it was worth it. I also liked that we can also create our own window sculptures too!Overall it is a very cool kids game

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