Top 5 Winx club toys and doll on Amazon toy store 2021

Top 5 Winx club toys and doll on Amazon toy store 2021
Top 5 Winx club toys and doll on Amazon toy store 2021
Top 5 Winx club toys  and doll on Amazon toy store 2021
Top 5 winx club toys on Amazon 2021

Top 5 Winx club toys and doll on Amazon toy store 2021

1/Winx 11.5″ Fashion Doll Believix – Bloom :

Top 5 Winx club toys  and doll on Amazon toy store 2021
Winx 11.5″ Fashion Doll Believix – Bloom :

You’ll be very happy that there are finally some other options to choose from as far as Winx club dolls go. If your child has a Plum doll that is too expensive and not pretty enough. But this doll does have its benefits. For one thing it is much cheaper and more affordable. Winx Series dolls usually cost around $ 50 on ebay when shipping is included in the cost. This doll looks durable, beautiful, and a lot like Bloom from the 3D movie, but not like Bloom from the series. It lacks Bloom’s most important feature, which are bangs. Instead, the doll has a very long bang. Just know that your toddler will want to have her hair cut to look like Plum. The suites are beautiful and you will like it very much. Since the other Plum Wing has smaller wings made from cheaper materials, they may shatter and are wingless. The wings will last on this doll for a long time. Overall, it is an adorable and lovely doll that will suit any girl to play pretend.

Based on the character from Nickelodeon’s animated series Winx Club, the Believix Bloom doll brings the world of fairies, fashion, and Magix to playtime. Red-headed Bloom comes with removable fairy wings, a trendy blue-and-pink outfit, and 11 points of articulation. Winx fans ages four and up will enjoy moving and posing Bloom in many fashionable ways

From the Winx Club Animated Series

Join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha for magical adventures and fashion-forward styles. Fans of the show will enjoy how each beautiful Winx Club Beievix fairy doll captures the look and personality of their favorite character. Reenact favorite Believix moments from the show, create powerful magic, and save the world from villains.

Poseable Body and Removable Wings

With 11 points of articulation, this 11-1/2-inch doll is easy to pose and can be moved to recreate just about any fashionable pose. The doll can transform from girl to fairy just like the characters in the show. Just plug a pair of glittery Believix wings into the Winx “X” on the back of the doll. The wings are interchangeable, so as you collect all six fairies, you’ll be able to mix and match wings and clothes.

About Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame

Bloom is the most powerful of the Winx. Her unique power, the most ancient energy of the Magic Dimension, will ultimately enable her to defeat evil, like the Trix, the trio of villainous witches. Bloom grew up on Earth, raised by her fireman dad and flower shop-owner mom. But she discovered through her dreams that her parents adopted her as a baby, and she has a fairy sister named Daphne, Princess of the lost world of Domino. Bloom is always ready to help a friend: she’s loyal, strong, a bit stubborn, and she never backs off from a problem or challenge.

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2/Winx Club Trix Collection Darcy Queen of Darkness

Top 5 Winx club toys  and doll on Amazon toy store 2021

You can buy it for your lovely girl who will like it very much, especially Winx; Which children love most. This doll is very beautiful. They are completely articulated, including her wrist, so her joints are more flexible / portable than most Barbie dolls, so you can put several different positions on them, which is fun.

The joints are very flexible, but not too loose, so you’ll hold in position. NICE HAIR QUALITY – They are easy to brush with to keep them in good condition. What you will love as a mother in this doll is its wings. The opposite of the Barbie, who drops her wings so easily that your child may not like to play with her, and finally she may have to use superglue to keep her! But the wings on this doll stay in place

– they are inserted directly into its back, in small “X” pieces in its back. Don’t worry – an X is not noticeable in the back, even when the wings are removed, and it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the doll. Wings can move, your daughter may like to make her doll fly and flap her wings as if she were really flying – she may move the doll up and down during the flight, and the wings move up and down in unison. And thanks to the excellent design, the wings stay steady! However, the wings are easy to remove if your daughter wants to be in her non-fancy look.

One comment I want to make about this doll: It’s thinner than a Barbie doll and has a bigger head (which makes it look even skinnier). The cartoon on which this game is based is the same – skinny girls with impossible long legs. So your daughter may ask you about the fact that it is never possible (or even desirable) for a real girl / woman to look like this. However, the show itself contains many positive messages (about kindness, courage, teamwork, and a strong female) that every mother generally loves. This doll gives her the opportunity for hours of fun and creative play.

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3/Winx Club Winx Stella | Onyrix Fairy Doll World Magic Twist

La poupée est juste cool et plus belle dans la vraie vie, c’est incroyable, malgré le prix un peu élevé à mon goût, vous ne regretterez pas de l’acheter.Her outfit looks very elegant and matches her wings and hairstyle.Little girls will love it at a party whether it be Christmas … or any special occasion for your little girl. The faces on these dolls are very cute. Anyway, the price is right and the dolls are nice. Elbows and knees where you can see the joints. It was a big hit and a great price. The wings are great too

World of Winx Stella – Onyrix Fairy Doll – Fairy Magic Twist All over world of Winx are the fairies on secret mission in the world on the go. You are looking for talented children in the arts, sports, music, and science.

The Winx are fully has charmed by this children, but it takes not long until the first problems, and a new, dangerous experience starts. Onyrix is the next generation of fairy transformation Drea Mix, The In The Spin Off Series World of Winx actually shows. The outfit the dolls consists of a plain business suit, which is decorated with floral ruffles. Each Onyrix has movable holographic wings, which are equipped with a glitter shimmer and removable matching items with flower details. Stella in close pants suit with wide legs, moving wings, arm, leg and knee joints, matching removable accessories and a hairbrush. The clothing of the Winx dolls are fitted with Velcro and can therefore turning on or remove it when necessary.

The packaging includes a online code, with which you can unlock exclusive information on Winx website. Size: 28 cm Material: Plastic Not suitable for children under 3 years. Manufacturer’s Warning:

Note: Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. Product Contains (consists of) Small Parts, Which could be swallowed. Choking hazard. Please remove all the packaging, Before you give your child the toy. Explanatory texts and manufacturer data on Packaging, So Please keep it for later Reference.

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4/Witty Toys World of Winx – Dreamix Fairy Doll – Musa 28cm with Magical Robe

This doll has a lot of beautiful details and of course it is also beautiful just like the wings, everything is really necessary for every winx doll collectors or of course for all dollhouse or special for your child.These dolls are beautiful, I mean, they are really beautiful! The plastic used is of high quality and the arms and legs move without feeling that they will break. However, this doll has shorter hair, so it’s okay, though.

I assure you that these dolls are amazing, they are very beautiful and the wings are wonderful in character unlike many others you may encounter, if you want to make your girls happy and I think that this is the best, buy this doll I see it is wonderful also these dolls are good size and they all come with wings and costumes Believix So that it looks exactly the same as in the cartoon, the wings are durable and won’t break easily during normal daily play. Your daughter will love these, definitely a good buy and well worth the money.

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5/Giochi Preziosi Winx Magic Cosmix Fairy Flora with Wings

You can get this doll for your daughters as a Christmas gift. The box looks so great your girls will definitely answer it, the wings are detachable which is good if your kids break more dolls I think they will hold your kids for a long time.

Nice size and well made doll. Bigger than a standard Barbie. The only problem I have found with it is that once you have taken the clothes off it is nearly impossible to get the top back on again as the fingers stick through the net! My daughter loves it and we have bought another character as well. Generally a very nice toy.

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