Toca Hair Salon 3

Toca Hair Salon 3
Toca Hair Salon 3
 Toca Hair Salon 3

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Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 3! Our most famous application arrangement returns, better than anyone might have expected! What do you want to make today — something eccentric, lovely or restless? Pick your character from many looks that you can alter — characters have randomized styles and characters, which makes perpetual play openings! Get your devices and get styling! 
Incredibly REALISTIC HAIRThe hair in Toca Hair Salon 3 looks and moves like genuine hair! You can style smooth straight hair, fun waves, creased twists, and without precedent for the Toca Hair Salon arrangement: unusual hair! This super-wavy hair type implies you can make feathery ‘fros and other characteristic hairdos.This is a very fun app for your son. He watches mommy cut hair so it is fun for him to play!’you will absolutely loved it! It’s very smooth and you can create almost anything! It’s really fun too!
love this game it’s too good but it’s quite expensive, for me, but for me, it’s worth it la if you want it for free, install an application called’ ‘TutuApp’ ‘. This application is used to download paid games, free games! Like this it will be free if you install ” TutuApp ”. It’s not on the Amazon games store, it’s on the silk browser. And it’s free!

Save yourself money and go beyond buying the smaller product, but with bigger jugs of the same product. You will not be disappointed.These paints are great for kids especially anarchists 🙂 No matter how old your child is and loves to draw, so a lot has been used! The paint is easy to apply and wash off easily – all you need is water.
Your child will use these paints with his fingers and the common paint brushes you will have at home. Paint is not recommended for children under 3 due to the small parts, so we pour the paint onto a small plastic plate for it and keep the small parts out of reach. The non-toxic paint is washed from his clothes (and hair) and from his skin without rubbing. You can easily clean it after with some paper towels and warm water. Paints are the consistency of thick ketchup and do not work, even when thickened. The paints did not irritate his skin and dry well on paper without soaking it on the other side.
Bright colors have a great color to remain strong or moist. You will use it to help him learn colors and create new colors by mixing them.Paints are odorless and unpleasant.

Fun! Just fun. Usually you can start with two or three colors, then when they dry, add a few of them (this way the art doesn’t turn completely brown by mixing the colors).
Of course, this is drawing with young children, so it’s very messy. Very messy. Haha. Twins are 21 months old and it takes about 2 hours to draw and clean photos (including showering, washing hair, mouth, etc.). It is important to be non-toxic (as they eat them as soon as I look away). its the best. I left them creative. It is super for its development.
Finally, we can create things that we give to grandparents! They drew photo frames and hands (for manual printing), and lots of paper (and table, of course). Great things.They are small pots – but perfectly fine considering it’s for small child but would prefer bigger. Colours are good and it isn’t ridiculously drippy. Do make sure to wear old clothes because it doesn’t wash out of basic clothing at all easy which is why my review is lower bc description gives impression its likely to leave most clothes – thankfully I was over cautious and used clothes I’ll now keep as painting clothes!

The children enjoyed. Knowing in advance what was there, we advised the rest of the parents to bring appropriate clothes.
They painted a mural with their hands and everything was great. One of them put his face and arms completely covered in paint. Let’s not say the clothes …
Nothing that a shower and a washing machine would not easily remove.
The patio floor was completely stained. And the next day, we easily clean it with a hose and rub a little with a brush
To give a tip: “be careful with staining your shoes”, depending on the material, it can be difficult to clean them.

Let no one complain if you put the communion shoes on the child and then say that it is difficult to remove the paint.
If you want some paints to make some fingerprints for a 3-month-old, to give it to family members.

She will be happy because she is very easy to use and wipes straight away – which is one of the main things that will be important to you – with the child being very young we cannot do with the need to clean the paint on her hands while fighting her desire to put her hands in her mouth!

Pots may be a little bit larger but in general they are good value, nice colors and easy to use! Oooh, the smell – takes you right back to primary school. Seriously though, don’t sniff them … you can’t see it doing any great harm but it’s just wrong.


The set contains six nice bright colours in a pretty decent cardboard container (still in use after a year). The pots of paint themselves are quite robust, with easy screw on lids. They are, as advertised, washable, and haven’t stained any surface they’ve been dripped or spilt over. Work great on card, paper, some plastics, most things you’d want a child painting.
You will be entirely OK with your kid utilizing this paint anyplace else to have your kid before your eye in the kitchen or in any room and you will be certain that in the event that you get something, we can take it off without any problem.Colors, colors, and more colors! Washable Kid’s Paint is ideal for arts and crafts, posters, and school projects. The paints are easy to apply with brushes, sponges, stamps, stencils, and other tools, and they can be used on almost any surface.



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