This is how your child tells you from birth that he loves you

This is how your child tells you from birth that he loves you
This is how your child tells you from birth that he loves you
This is how your child tells you from birth that he loves you

This is how your child tells you from birth that he loves you

Children do a lot of things that some interpret as natural and do not stop there much, but when examining many actions that do not warrant attention we will discover that the main motivation behind these actions is love, but they express it in their own way.

The early days

Do babies feel love? Sure, they feel the love of their mother and family members and they exchange this love, but due to their limited capabilities they always can express this love with these simple abilities.

Noticing the infant’s love for the mother is not a clear matter, but it can be seen when his eyes pursue the mother’s movements, and his eyes radiate and his hands and feet move with joy as his mother approaches more and more than him, and the voices that he excitedly hear when seeing his mother and are not issued by anyone else.

The infant knows his mother’s voice and smell, and as soon as she enters the room and before she even sees her, his cry starts to fade even a little, because he reassured her presence near him, as he feels safe and comfortable because she is close to her, as she is the first to get smiles when he can smile.

When they learn to walk

Sometimes the mother bursts out of anger from the children, because they disable her from the tasks that she must accomplish, the children reluctantly walk or wear clothes, and instead they prefer to jump on one foot or wear clothes in a wrong way, and they are very happy, asking the mother to look at them and share them These verbs.

In fact, they do not seek to provoke, but they do not understand the meaning of time, and all they want is to spend more time with the mother, willing to take advantage of every moment with her in the only way they know.

Even when children run away from the mother they do this because they trust that they are always there to monitor them and protect them from any harm they may be exposed to, they are happy with their freedom and independence, but they would not have done this had it not been for the trust in her presence on their side, and they also use the mother as a protective shield when they are afraid of something This is not because they can sacrifice the mother, but because in their view they represent protection and safety.

Sometimes, the child gives his mother a piece of candy that he ate more than half of it and the rest is covered with his toys, all that the mother thinks of her time is that her child gives her leftovers like a trash can, but in reality the children at this age do not share with anyone anything they love, According to the website “Burnets”, the child loves his mother and therefore gives her a piece of food that he enjoyed eating, and she also wants her to have this pleasure.

Use words and simulate verbs

When the child is 3 or 4 years old, he becomes more independent and his personality starts to become more clear, so he looks at the mother and father with a view of appreciation and respect, then the stage of simulating behaviors and using the same vocabulary begins in the conversation.

Not only that, children of this age are always trying to express their feelings using words, so they use the words of love and admiration for the mother in a state of contentment and happiness, and when they are punished, they use words as well, trying to harm the feelings of the mother, and despite the strange matter, the outburst of anger and the use of hurtful words are just The angry childish face of love.

More stickiness

As children enter school and gradually depend on themselves, parents are sometimes surprised that the child takes back his actions steps backward, and instead of developing his skills he suddenly becomes willing to stick to the mother more than previous times, he claims not knowing how to behave, and he requests help in many simple things that he can do easily.

Although these behaviors provoke the mother and make her feel frustrated and angry because she cannot get comfortable, at the same time it serves as a front for the child’s love for the mother and his desire to spend more time with her, he feels that by going to school and exercising he spends many hours without her, so he desires Always use time to spend with her as much as possible, speaking on various matters to feel safe with her.

Many of the behaviors that children perform may be annoying and cause stress and anxiety for the mother, because she can never get rest, but these are ways in which children express their love for them, they cannot use deep words or buy gifts, they love the mother, so they love the mother, so they They like to spend as much time as possible with her, and perhaps it is better for every mother to enjoy these moments rather than complain about her, because sooner children will enter adolescence, and they will want to spend time with friends instead of family

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