Review : Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, Sensory, Fine Motor Toy, Easter Basket Toy, Ages 18 months+

 Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, Sensory, Fine Motor Toy, Easter Basket Toy, Ages 18 months+
Product Review :
You will love this product. She says 18+ months but it was fun for both of my children (11 and 3 months). Its purpose is to help with fine motor skills. Nails are rubber in different colors and you can put and remove them from the hedgehog holes. The best part is that when the hedgehog is finished playing it opens and you can store all the nails in there so you don’t get lost. I definitely recommend this product .
This is a great game! Grandpa can play with his 4.5 year old grandson, 18 months, and 11 months in different ways. Made color patterns progressed, the medium made the expected texture and pulled out of the holes, and the smaller was able to pull it out and grab “ featheres ”. When finished, the pieces fit inside so that they are easy to store. You will love Learning Resource Games as they are well made and carefully designed.

This game is great for learning games enthusiasts which I think should stop. Your child will love her even if he is 6 months old, and your child will love her immediately … now almost a year ago and many parents are still favorite. I don’t know what makes her so cute but which kid comes up wanting to play with her and becomes obsessed with pegs / feathers? Get them. Children and parents like that it fits for elegant storage / easy travel and the pegs are installed so that children can learn numbers as well as colors and work on their fine motor skills by placing pegs in holes. Highly recommended!! And if they bring back a box of chocolates, flip the learning resources out of chocolates that bring the puzzle together, buy them!
Fun and wonderful motor skills !! Your child will love her and even if he is 22 months old he will put his toys through holes and containers. Your child will become obsessed with putting his coloring pens through any hole and incision around it which makes him enjoy, but your child will become closely obsessed with it because he will also love the coloring of walls and furniture. Another advantage is that it is a great travel game where you can store quills inside the shell. I will take it with you for entertainment during dinner or flights.This game is well made! It will build fine motor skills and counting skills. The colors are great! You will not regret buying this!you will Love the colours, look, quality, shape, storage of spikes, numbered holes and everything about this well designed product.

Simply little toy with great learning features, hand control, work by colours, work in a pattern, put the spikes in by number. Really can  bought this for your kid.he wil absolutely loves spike!And it helps him with many things!he will  learnt colours through using spike,highly recommend:)
This game is ideal for children who have a lot of movement because it will help him to reduce it by focusing on completing the filling of holes

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