Review : Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic Game
Review : 

If somebody doesn’t know what Jenga is about: it is a game where you build a tower out of wooden blocks (3 pieces per floor), and players are taking turns to remove blocks out of the tower. If the tower falls apart on your turn, you will lose the game. It is very simple and fun game.

If you’re looking for a game as described above, then you can’t go wrong with this product. Amazon delivered it in a timely fashion as usual, and the product is exactly what you would expect–a bunch of wooden blocks that you can use to build a tower. Also, this comes with game instructions and some kind of stacking aid made out of the carton. I tossed the stacking aid to trash since I find it to be much faster to build the tower by hand without the aid.
In my opinion, the game is at its best when played with two people, but there’s no limit of how many people can participate in the game. I would recommend using a stable table to play the game on, but a dangling Ikea table (or equivalent) surely adds some challenge.
In a good company, this game is much more fun than any video game on the market, making it a bargain at less than $10. This game will also work anywhere with decent gravity–as long as you are able to find a stable surface. In conclusion, I would recommend Jenga to anyone living on a planet that has a sufficient gravitational force to hold the tower together on the surface, which includes all the areas to which delivers.
The classic Jenga Collection brings back the wonderful memories that I grew up with and play for many young adults. You can also remember again on the day of the strong transparent plastic stacking bushing. We just hope the current quantity, which clearly did not meet expectations, will continue. I bought the classic to pair it with my last purchase of the Colorful Animal Wood Wooden Blocks from Sun Top (Top Bright?) Given that the kids’ group didn’t come with stacked sleeves. However, you can really enjoy it with your grandchildren and they love it too, you can now offer it a game to your big friends. 

This is a really good game. It actually improves children’s focus, because if you lose focus then you might lose the game. The best part is that you can play alone or with more players so that you are not bound by the number of players. I bought it for your kids because you will love it so much. We must actually remove each block at the time of your turn and ensure that the tower must not lose balance. In general, you will love this game because you can spend hours playing it without getting bored as well, and you can finish it early if you have limited time. Overall worth its price and good game.
You will be glad to see the wooden pieces are still made of wood. This is the only familiar thing you’ll see in Jenga. Square is rectangular. Jenga Tower Square. The box contains a cardboard filling that is clearly intended for disposal. So what now? Put the bricks in the box and watch them turn. It’s like a puffy bag of potato chips to look more full. but why?
And where is the half of the plastic cube that used to come with the group so you can straighten the tower easily? Not included, it seems.A new game came and wrapped in clear plastic. The inner block stack is also encapsulated in plastic, which keeps the blocks open. The blocks are not drawn, allowing them to stay together and go ahead in the game naturally without failing due to the early slip. The carton box is rectangular, and it can work as a storage mechanism for blocks for a while, but I think it will not last for this. The best storage bag, like many counterfeit products that are marketed here, can be found elsewhere.

As for the cost of this game, for under $ 15, you can’t really beat the amount of fun and thrill you will have for your friends and family who will love this game a lot .. This is perhaps one of the best “table games” out there. If you have young children, this will definitely teach hand-eye coordination.
 Certainly permanent, given the number of times the tiles collapsed in each direction. This game contains suspense without real danger, appeals to all ages, is easy to play, and lasts forever. You can still run it on a coffee table or dining room table, and you don’t need to wipe a place on the floor. One thing I suggest is to resize the box, you might think the square will be the exact shape of the game so the pieces are not noisy in the box. All in all; it’s a great game at a great price that you can’t beat. You should definitely buy it to keep it in your home for a rainy day or a family game night.

The product is of good quality. It comes with a cardboard guide to help build the tower straight. I think this guide could be of better quality. I have another tower from a different manufacturer and the guide is solid timber which is much better quality.
Overall Jenga brand gives you the best quality pieces but the guide could be better. Pleased with the product and seller and very quick delivery.Jenga is a brilliant family game that consists of simple wooden pieces which are put together to form a tower and then single pieces are removed by players in turns carefully so as not to topple the tower. This game requires a steady hand and patience. Very young children for example children below 5 years of age would love to topple the tower . He uses it to build a house. This gives the wooden pieces a multi purpose. I would recommend this lovely game for the family.


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