Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection

Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection
Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection
Product description

Your Play-Doh creations will be bright and sparkly with the Sparkle Compound collection! You get 6 colors of shiny, twinkly Sparkle Compound and 2 cutters to make flowers, gems or other beauties. The only limit to your artistry is your own imagination! Play-Doh and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.” Ages 3 and up

You can buy these for your kids to go with the other Play-Doh items you’ll get, and she uses this sparkle set with Frozen and My Little Pony. I can’t even explain how attractive this is! Totally worth buying, the price was right with Free Prime Shipping, insurmountable! I can honestly say, I also don’t think I’ve seen a sparkle game in stores, so it’s a great purchase!
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One of the best products for those who have little or are looking for a fun gift! You can buy this for a kid right away! It’s hard to find doh glitter play and you will be very happy to see this collection on Amazon. The only downside (technically good not a downside if you don’t mind gloss) is that it sometimes leaves a sparkling residue. It is not a big deal and cleans with soapy water but I thought I would mention it in case of a problem.

This is so perfect! You can also give him a gift. Then you will see a kind of sparkle in it and it has crowns … which is very girly. They are “manly men” and they will not. You will keep it because the price was unbeatable but maybe you can put it in socks or gift bags. They will never know the difference! you can also keep one (or some color) in my house so they have something to play with when they come.

your kids will loves this sparkle compound Play-Doh! She of course says it is 5 stars because she loves all Play-Doh, and we have ALOT of it! However, my opinion is that you should be prepared for glitter to end up on places like their face, clothes etc. It does not just stay in the Play-Doh. For the money the containers are small, and it only comes with the two little cookie cutters, but it makes your kids happy so you are ok with it because it definitely gets used. She actually uses it with other Play-Doh pieces we have like the My Little Ponies so their manes are glittery.

The sparkly play-doh is really cool. The glitter is very light, fine, and transparent to make it glittery without changing the color or texture. I think it’s fun to play with because the sparkles make me happy. . All the colors are bright and fun. yoyr kid will loves to give you pink hearts that you will cut out from this collection. i thinks it’s funny when you will”hold his heart.” The pink and yellow in this collection are my favorite play doh colors ever. Sometimes a little bit of color can really brighten up your day.

This pack of mini play doh is fab. We take a couple of them with us when we have meals out as they’re perfect for entertaining your little girl. you will got them at Christmas and they’re still a firm favourite. Wyou will looked after them and made sure the lids get put back in them properly and they’re still in the same condition from when they were opened. The glitter is definitely an added bonus


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