“Nickelodeon” Declares “Gay SpongeBob”

Nickelodeon Declares Gay SpongeBob
"Nickelodeon" Officially Declares "Gay SpongeBob"

Nickelodeon” Officially Declares “Gay SpongeBob

The American “Nickelodeon Network” has announced that the beloved children’s character “SpongeBob” is a homosexual person.

This came during its celebration of the month of pride, which is a month in which many festivals, parties, and parades are held and the movement of gay associations and institutions is active.


Where she published “Nickelodeon”, a tweet on the social networking site “Twitter”, which was expressing the celebration of the company, and she explained that she celebrated celebrities with similar figures on her screen, among them came the famous cartoon character “SpongeBob”.

The announcement also caused a shock to fans of the famous personality around the world, and the tweets came on social networking sites «Twitter», expressing the shock.

Another commented, “So apparently spongebob is … .. you know.”

It is worth noting that the creator of the program stated years ago that “SpongeBob” is stateless, meaning that its sexual identity is not classified.

“We did not intend for SpongeBob to be gay, I consider it stateless,” said Stephen Hillenburg, creator of the famous cartoon character, in a 2005 interview.

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